The World Cup and Home Learning

There are plenty of events that can involve education without children realising that they are learning. Some companies make amazing resources to support local, national and international events and help your child to continue learning at home. Previous events included the Olympics, Royal Wedding and Wimbledon. Supermarkets and other shops are full of merchandise and memorabilia to help bring a topic or event to life. There are a huge variety of websites that offer free printable activities for children to do at home.

Being interested in a topic or event will make learning much easier. Using cross-curricular links helps to embed learning and can make it much more ‘alive’ for the learner. Learning in this way will also develop new questions for the learner to answer. Something that may not have occurred at the beginning of an event could be vitally important at the end and bring greater understanding to learning.

With the World Cup fast approaching, many newspapers give out wall charts. Even if your family only has a vague interest in football, entering the different country names on the chart as they win and lose can lead to great conversations about the country that is being represented. Many subjects can be covered:

English – Create an information sheet about the country. Make up a poem about some of the players.

Maths – predict the scores based on previous matches. Work out the cumulative number of goals. Create charts based on how long the players have been on the pitch.

History – Find out how long has the country been playing in the World Cup

Geography – Research where are all of the teams from. Find out who has travelled the furthest.

RE – Discover the main religion of the country

Languages – Find out what language each team speaks.  Learn to say “Hello” in each language.

Music – Find out and listen to the National Anthem of each country.

Art – Research what all of the different flags look like.

This is just a selection of ideas that could be easily done at home to broaden children’s learning. Here at Star Education we like to use events that capture children’s attention as well as their hobbies and other interests to make learning fun and interesting. We use this in our sessions to make sure our students stay interested and focused on their learning.

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