Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself (Chinese proverb)

We find that children frequently have the abilities and skills to achieve their potential but expect us to always provide them with the answers. As good teachers we do always have the answers but encourage and expect our students to discover the answers for themselves. If we were to always just give the answers, then our students would never be able to use the skills for themselves and no learning would take place.

Learning is an interactive process which takes place, mostly on the part of the learner but does require the teacher to have an input. By questioning our students and challenging them to find out the answers for themselves, we take the skills that they have explicitly been taught and use them in practices. We can support the student to apply these skills and make sure that they are being applied correctly, however we cannot apply the skills for them. When a student gets to an exam situation they need to be able to select the correct skills and apply them correctly to succeed.

Teaching students a variety of skills is important, but they also need to know when to apply them. If we taught these skills abstractly then the student would be able to apply them, but not necessarily to the right situation. A student would be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide but not be able to work out how much their shopping cost and how much change they would get. A good process is to identify the skills required, then remove the calculation from the situation. Completing the calculation is then easier, but the answer must be put back into the situation to make sense.

Star Education is able to teach students the skills but also supports them to apply them in the correct situations. This is done practically to ensures that students are able to use their skills in a variety of situations and apply them outside of a session.

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